Remove odors and stains

Have you experienced this yourself?

Your cat is not house-trained.

The dog always urinates at the same spot.

There are various reasons if a dog or a cat is not house-trained. Sometimes it is stress related, sometimes the reason can be an illness. Fact is: animals always urinate at the same spot because the smell can hardly be removed. What remains: the pet holder is frustrated and there are ugly stains in the apartment.


We have the ideal product to remove odors and stains.

The cleaner 180X differs significantly from the other available cleaners.

Pheromones will be molecularly lifted up and out by 180 XT. Urine of household pets contains pheromones that will stay on the carpet or other surfaces, even if you think that all stains and odors have been removed. Compared to animals, human beings can’t smell these substances, but animals can. So the likelihood of repeat urination on the same spot is high. This means a vicious circle for pet owners often connected with a high degree of frustration if this offense continues.

The advantages of this product at a glance

  • Binds pheromones, lifts them up and extracts them so that even your animal won’t smell them anymore – at the same time, the product is absolutely non-toxic
  • 180XT does not leave any residue or discoloration
  • Can be used on every waterproof surface (carpets, upholstery, wooden floor, tiles, clothes, etc.)
  • The product itself contains no heavy fragrances
  • Easy cleaning in three steps and in only three minutes: soak the stain area, scrub the area and blot it.
  • Use less than other cleaners
  • Perfect product to clean the cat’s litter box; if the litter box isn’t clean, cats sometimes don’t use it any longer and “do their business” somewhere in the apartment
  • Non-toxic, no yellowing, not inflammable, non enzymatic

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180 XT is made in the USA, has been launched for the European market at the Interzoo in Nürnberg (Nuremberg) in Mai 2016, but is NOT commercially available.


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180XT – The perfect cleaner from the USA to remove stains and odors

You can order the product in different sizes:

  • 16 oz, 32 oz or 1 Gallone (1 fl. OZ = 0,0295735 Liter, 1 Gallone = 3,79 Liter)

Fluid ounce ("fluid ounce") is a unit of space of the Anglo-American system of measurement.


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